About us: industrial enterprise LC "Technology of measuring consumption with electric systems" is particularized russian company, who offers solutions in physical measuring.
Our main produce: all-round solutions in consumption measuring, automation of technical process for all kind of industries, vortical flowmeters, batching systems, warmth counters, mineral oil counters, metrological equipment and functional gears.
In our solutions we suggest the produce users of all the world find reliable, innovation and the best in its class.

Universal commutator "Tmces"

Consumption commutator, flowmeters

Steam, gas, warmth meters

Mineral oil, mazut meters

Controllers of warmth and energy

Commutator USB/RS 485, supply units

Pressure sensors, pressure calibration

Temperature sensors

LC “Technology of measuring consumption with electric systems” put on the market the universal vertical consumption commutator “Tmces” used for technological and commercial calculation of liquid and gaseous consumption.

Our produce supposed for application with automatic controlling systems of different industries, also with consumption accounting systems for all kind of liquids, gas and warmth.

Universal vortical consumption commutator "Tmces"
Main technical details:

Measured objects:
Liquid: (temperature: -30…+450°С, pressure: under 32 МPа);
Gas: (temperature: -45…+450°С, pressure: under 32 МPа);
Steam:( temperature: +110…+450°С, pressure: under 32 МPа);

Basic relative error
For liquids in consumption:
Qt - Qmax - ±0,5%
For gas and steam:
Qt - Qmax - ±1,0%(by order ±0,7%)
Output signals:
unit-counting output signal
RS 485 ModBus RTU;
4 to 20mA DC

Standard size:
15mm – 2000mm

every 4 years;
verification is possible with metrological test bench or also by using the antispill method

Dynamic range:
liquid – 1:30;
gas and steam – 1:20;